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Congratulations 2019 IMSD Graduates and Honors Recipients!

It’s been another amazing year for our IMSD Scholars and we are so proud to share the following list of Awards, Honors & Distinctions from the past year:

Outstanding Poster Presentation (Physiology & Cell Biology) ABRCMS 2018, Indianapolis, IN
James Ball (Fellow/Peer Mentor) / Faculty Mentor: Jaume Padilla
Paxton Kostos (Fellow) / Faculty Mentor: Antje Heese

MU Life Sciences Week 2019
Maha Hamed (Fellow) – 2nd place / Faculty Mentor: Antje Heese
Paxton Kostos (Fellow) – 3rd place / Faculty Mentor: Antje Heese

2019 Emerging Researchers National Conference in STEM, Washington, D.C.
James Ball (Fellow/Peer Mentor) – 1st place / Faculty Mentor: Jaume Padilla

2019 MU Academic Distinction Award
Maha Hamed (Fellow) / Faculty Mentor: Antje Heese

2019 NSF-GRFP Fellowship
Ashley Aguillard (Fellow) / Faculty Mentor: Charlotte Phillips

Colonel Arthur C. Allen Scholarship
Ronel Ghidey (Fellow) / Faculty Mentor: Elizabeth King

University of Missouri Tap Day Honoree
Madison Ortega (Fellow) – Omicron Delta Kappa / Faculty Mentor: Cheryl Rosenfeld

Biological Sciences Honors Distinction
Laura Ellenberger (Fellow) / Faculty Mentor: Kristina Aldridge
Madison Ortega (Fellow) / Faculty Mentor: Cheryl Rosenfeld

Mizzou Black Men’s Initiative
Brendan Ball (Apprentice) – MBMI Cares Award 2019 / Faculty Mentor: Shawn Bender
Clayton Ivie (Apprentice) – Scholastic Achievement Award 2019 / Faculty Mentor: Jacqueline Limberg

Congratulations on all of your accomplishments and hard work, IMSD Scholars!!